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And Hope Shines On

Basic Information:

Name: Chorenn, Nick/Nikolai Also Works. Or any Nickname TBH.
Gender: Male
Race: White
Occupation: Freak.

Operator Background

Heyo, I'm Chorenn (Pronounced However you Want to Say that). I Adore my GIRLFRIEND And I Want to Be the Best I Can for Her. I'm Also trying to Work Towards getting my Computer Science Degree so I Can Become a Software Engineer. Then I Can Commision Many Dollars worth of Our Characters.
I'm Not too Chatty, and I'm Usually Keeping myself Busy With Something, so I tend to RT more than I actually Tweet. If you See me Around, there's a Good Chance I'm slacking Off. I Typically Listen to Music People would Describe as Breakdown Music.

Interests + Hobbies:

  • Programming (I Prefer Back End Languages, but I Can do Front End Stuff Like this Page), Also putting General Engineering Stuff here too. Anything related to my Degree I like Honestly.
  • Reading, I Specifically like Poetry.
  • Drawing + Writing, don't really Share any of this Though
  • Media Stuff: Arknights, Touhou, Len'en, Project Moon, Xeno-Series, Tales of, WTC, (Anything Else I Don't talk About too much).
  • Biology, Specifically Birds and Insects

Other Notes:

I don't Got Any BYF Criteria, just don't be a Dick About People's discomfort and we'll be Good. That Said, I Really Dislike the Kiseki Series. While I Rarely Complain About It, I Still Wouldn't reccomend following me If you Consider yourself a Big Fan of it In The event I Do.
If you're 16 or Younger, it's Unlikely I'll follow back. Nothing personal about this, nor is my Account NSFW, I'm just an Internet Hag.
I Try to not Create an Online Enviroment that Fosters Nihilism through Helplessness.
Should be Kind of Clear, but I Kind of Suck at Talking about myself.